Credit Solutions is a collection agency of new generation!

Credit Solutions is a collection agency of new generation!

Collection Agency Credit Solutions is a Ukrainian agency of financial debts recovering for business owners and the financial sector, as well as for private individuals.


Advantages of working with the collection agency Credit Solutions:

• A large professional team
• 24-hour Call Center
• Years of experience
• The Law Department
• New methods of dealing with debtors
• Responsibility and dedication to work

Our main clients are individuals, business owners and financial institutions. And the main service of our collection agency is collecting debts of various types. We know how to deal quickly with various kinds of debts:

• Debts on receipt
• Debts under a loan agreement
• Uncertificated debts
• Debts related to fraud
• Debts on bank cards
• Debts on bank guarantees
• Consumer loans
• Mortgage debts
• Car loans
• Debts of insurance companies

It is very important for agency to work strictly according to the legislation of Ukraine and does not exceed its responsibilities in working with clients. Such professional work excludes possible claims from the debtor and does not disturb the borrower.

Also, working with collection agency, the client relieves himself of interpersonal relations with the debtor, improper communication, constant frustration and scandals.

A professional collection agency, such as Credit Solutions, will help to organize, hold all meetings between the borrower and the debtor, and also constantly inform the client about the stages and terms of debt repayment.

Therefore, in the case of any arrears, you must immediately apply to the collection agency to save time, energy and nerves.


Credit Solutions: "You have a debts, we have a solution!"

We will help to solve your problem at any stage!

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